How to Prepare for a Road Trip

Thinking of setting out on the open road and leaving it all behind for a while? A road trip is a great way to get away and clear your mind. A well planned road trip can really take you places, allowing you to see the sights in your area that you’ve never gotten round to before. A longer trip can even allow you to get a feel for your entire country. A road trip is an exciting endeavour with plenty of opportunities on offer, but it also presents a unique set of challenges which must be prepared for accordingly. Here are some of the key considerations if you’re preparing for a road trip getaway.


The first thing you’ll need to think about is transport. If you own your own car, you’ll need to ensure it’s in good enough shape to travel the distance. Make sure you give your vehicle a once over at the garage before embarking on a long drive, as the last thing you want is to break down in the middle of nowhere. If you don’t own your own vehicle, or your car isn’t going to cut it, then not all hope is lost – there is always car hire. Hiring a car is a great way to ensure that you get a new and fully functioning vehicle that will be safe and reliable on your journey. They will also be able to provide fully comp insurance to cover you in case of any accidents or break downs, which is invaluable. For a road trip, your best bet is to hire a minivan RV, as they are a great size to be comfortable and robust, but not so large that they will slow you down along the road. Your car hire company may also be able to provide you with essentials such as a sat nav.


When you’re going on a road trip, it’s best to have at least a loose plan. Knowing the main points you want to hit gives your trip structure, whilst being flexible with your timings and dates allows flexibility to take detours along the way. The beauty of a road trip is that you’re in charge – you can stop wherever and whenever you want, so this should be taken advantage of at every opportunity. Map out your general route before you leave, as this will save you a lot of stress and frustration along the way, and will give you a little focus to ensure you reach your final destination.

What to Pack

If you’re heading out on a longer trip, it’s best to be well prepared for any eventuality. Make sure you have a spare tire in the trunk, and basic emergency repair equipment. It’s also a good idea to take a couple of high vis vests, in case you break down on a highway during the night. Make sure you keep some water, food and blankets in the trunk just in case of an emergency.

If you’re heading out on a road trip, then a little preparation goes a long way to ensuring everything goes smoothly. With some simple planning, you can be sure to have a fun, safe and productive getaway.